International Iridology Practitioners Association Symposium 2019 – by Lisa Williams – Medical Herbalist (NZAMH) Registered Iridologist (IRISNZ – IIPA)

Goldenbay Iridology Ellen Tart-Jensen Lisa Williams

Iridologists from around the world gathered for IIPA’s 14th Annual Symposium on the Gold Coast in August.  It was great to connect and share experiences and also learn about new developments and techniques in the world of Iridology.

11 different international speakers presented the latest developments which left the crowd feeling enthusiastic and fully appreciative of the technical advances that Iridology has made during this digital age through the brilliant minds of Doctors who are leading the way and continuing to develop this science.

One of my highlights was meeting Dr Ellen Tart – Jensen,  who’s lifelong contribution and dedication to the development of Iridology internationally has been outstanding and inspiring.

Presenters included the accomplished Tharindu Fernando an Opthalmologist / Iridologist from Sri Lanka who presented his newly developed Program the ‘Kidney Function Estimator’  where a photo of the kidney sector in the Iris is entered and an algorithm calculates the eGFR which consistently matches with blood samples, the program goes one step further and can tell if one kidney is functioning better than the other, where a blood test cannot.

Genomic Iridology – The Next Frontier, was presented by Dr Michael Salas ND who clearly showed the correlation of the Methylation Detox system of the body and its relationship with the Liver via colourings and markings in the Iris.

Another highlight was attending Toni Millers Master Class,  which covered a variety of interesting topics based on the Iris including pigmentation, colours and unusual signs seen in the eyes.

A fascinating presentation on Esogetics Using Light Frequencies and Iridology to access Genetic Information was presented by Birgit Lueders and Dr Rosemary Bourne – which explained the avenues of shining healing light into the dark places.

Doctor Emil Bewo-Lundblad PhD from Switzerland presented his thesis where he overlay all the Iridology charts which have been developed from around the world throughout the ages and clearly portrayed and explained the similarities.

I have no doubt that the future of health analysis is going to benefit immensely from the one and only very special organ that displays the functions of the inner body to the outer world, the Iris!

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Yours in Health

Lisa Williams

Medical Herbalist (NZAMH),  Registered Iridologist (IRISNZ – IIPA)