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Welcome to Golden Bay Iridology  View your Health Profile through your Eyes, the windows of the mind, body and soul! Are you on a journey of self discovery or requiring health support?   Iridology may be able to help by providing a unique insight to the inner systems of the body.    Lisa Williams is a…

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Awareness – Knowledge – Optimum Health * Discover your Genetic Inheritance and Personal Health Profile* * Consultations are Empowering and Insightful * Iridology is the Analysis of a persons overall state of health through an examination of the Colour, Patterns and Structure of the Iris (coloured part of the eye), Sclera (white of the eye)…

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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Apothecary Blending personalised formulas, tinctures, dried and fresh Herbs, Native New Zealand Bush Medicine. Herbal teas and tincture formulas are blended to suit your specific needs.  Our organic fertile land grows over 55 wild, cultivated and native herbs along with medicinal mushrooms.  An introduction to herbs that will personally help you and encourage your…

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Holistic Healing Techniques

 HERBAL MEDICINE   –  VITAMINS & MINERALS    DIET & NUTRITION  –  REFLEXOLOGY        REIKI  –  FLOWER ESSENCES    _________________________________________________________________________ DIET AND NUTRITION I provide nutritional information and dietary advice to support your specific health needs using Vitamin and Mineral uptake naturally through your food or through supplementation.  I have a range of recipes…

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Pricing / Policies

    Pricing / Policies Iridology Consultation – Iridology & Health profile discussed – Iris photo and full case history taken.  Providing health, lifestyle, herbal and dietary advice.  Approximately 60 to 90 minutes $95 Additional Written Report detailing consultation – if requested $50 Follow up Appointments (If required) – Approximately 30 minutes $40 Herbal Consultation…

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Testimonials / Reviews

Testimonials A naturally nurturing and passionate well-being professional, Lisa clearly cares deeply about her practice as an herbalist, iridologist, reiki practitioner, and reflexologist. Explaining everything fully, she is a wealth of knowledge with each area of expertise enhancing the others. Lisa considered every angle, including my medications, and recommended accordingly. Looking deeply into the structure…

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The International Iridology Practitioners Association is the leading accrediting body for Iridology in the world.  An IIPA Certified Iridologist practices relevant, up-to-date Iridology based on clinical research from around the globe.   IIPA was founded for the purpose of increasing and diffusing knowledge concerning the art and science of Iridology and to provide a forum…

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Contact Me

Feel free to contact me for an appointment or further information: Phone – 03-5256150     Mobile: 027-4519797 Email  – I look forward to hearing from you. Lisa Williams – 1066 Takaka – Collingwood Highway 60, RD2, Onekaka, Golden Bay, South Island, New Zealand

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