The International Iridology Practitioners Association is the leading accrediting body for Iridology in the world. 

An IIPA Certified Iridologist practices relevant, up-to-date Iridology based on clinical research from around the globe.  

IIPA was founded for the purpose of increasing and diffusing knowledge concerning the art and science of Iridology and to provide a forum for the exchange of information and research with the goal of promoting excellence in international Iridology standards. 

IIPA’s vision is to have Iridology integrated into the healthcare system worldwide.

IIPA Certified Practitioners incorporate the highest standards in Iridology based on research and clinical studies from around the world. IIPA provides a uniform standard for professional level Iridology.

IIPA Certified Iridologists are held in high esteem by peers and  clientelle. The code of conduct ensures that members are governed by high ethical and moral standards as they relate to this discipline.