Tinctures, formulas, dried and fresh Herbs, Native New Zealand Bush Medicine.

I carry a range of Medicinal Herbal Tinctures from Phytomed, New Zealand’s Premium Herbal Manufacturer,  along with making my own,  I can blend formulas to suit your specific needs.  I have over 70 wild, cultivated and native herbs growing here on my land, I can introduce you to herbs that will personally help you and encourage your relationship with the plant enabling  you to source it for yourself as traditionally practised  in Rongoa Maori New Zealand Native Bush Medicine.

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I give you information and dietary advice to support your specific health needs using Vitamin and Mineral uptake through your food and supplementation.  Various recipes and detox methods if required.

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Reflexology is a holistic therapy based on the science of the reflex zones in the feet (and hands) which correspond to all the glands, organs and parts of the human body.  It correlates longitudinal zones which run from the reflex points of the feet up into the rest of the body. Thumb and finger pressure stimulate the reflex areas of the feet and can increase energy flow along all these corresponding electrical current pathways.

It is very effective in breaking up Uric Acid deposits in the feet and clearing the pathways for circulation, lymphatic flow and oxygenation of cells.  It helps to balance all your bodies systems and achieve deep relaxation.  This is a very revitalising treatment which integrates perfectly with Iridology.

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Reiki is a natural, vibrational, hands-on healing practice that supports the body’s self healing ability.  It’s a simple and safe, natural healthcare system and complementary therapy that can support improved health and wellbeing.  Reiki is known to assist in:   Reduction of stress and pain,  Reduced levels of anxiety, Improved sleep patterns, Replenished energy levels and an Enhanced sense of well-being.

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The Bach Flower Remedies are a safe, gentle, subtle tool to help you restore emotional/mental balance, to realign your personality to be more in tune with your inner knowing, to bring about change in your life.  They treat the whole person – mind, body and spirit,  to feel uplifted, energised, positive,calm, happy… I can make remedies to suit your needs or those of a loved one.

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