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Iridology is the Analysis of a persons overall state of health through an examination of the Colour, Patterns and Structure of the Iris (coloured part of the eye), Sclera (white of the eye) and Pupil.

It has a reflex connection to all bodily systems and organs via the central nervous system. It can reveal a persons overall state of health and wellbeing, and indicate levels of tissue activity, inflammation, toxicity, strengths and weaknesses.

Iridology is an effective screening tool enabling you to understand your Individual Constitution, view your Inner Ecology, Genetic Inheritance and determine potential health conditions at an early stage even before medical tests are able to diagnose a specific disease.  It is possible to reverse imbalances and disease conditions before they become chronic.   Although Iridology does not diagnose specific diseases, it can accurately pinpoint areas and systems of the body that are under or over active in their function.  It can see constitutional patterns that can create disease if lifestyle choices play into systemic weaknesses.

“There is tremendous empowerment in becoming educated about your inherent strengths and weaknesses, especially when this understanding comes with education about the tools needed for purification and regeneration of  body systems, organs, glands and preventative care.”  School of Natural Medicine U.K.

How Iridology Works

The Iris is the most complex external structure of the human anatomy, it is the only brain tissue to meet the outside world.   There are around 28 Thousand nerve endings in this Reflex Zone, these are connected by impulses to every tissue of the body through the brain, spinal chord and nervous system.  These nerve fibres reflect specific tissue and organ conditions with a corresponding physiological reflex manifested in the Iris as patterns and colour variations.

Our bodies are based on different constitutions, 3 Primary Genetic Colour Types,   6 Structural Types and 11 Diathesis Types.

The Primary Genetic Colour Types

  Blue Lymphatic Iris                  Mixed Biliary Iris              Brown Hematogenic Iris   

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The Iridology Chart

Represents all major organs, glands and tissues of the body.  The Iridologist interprets different Signs, Colourings and Markings in the various Zones of the Iris indicating the Primary Nurture Points within the Body.  Acute conditions show up as white markings in the fibres of the Iris which are usually associated with an over activity of that area.  Darker areas represent less activity in that zone, the darker the mark, the more serious the condition.  As the body heals, the marks may fade and the overall clarity of the Iris can change.

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What happens in an Iridology Consultation:

In an Iridology reading your Iris is photographed using a customised Digital Camera, Magnified and Assessed. This is a safe non-invasive procedure.

Your full case history is recorded and the Holistic Approach of Natural Herbal and Nutritional Medicine can be used to help you on your personal Health and Wellness journey.

You receive this reference and helpful information to help you achieve your Wellness Goals.

There are no two Irises exactly alike. Each Iris is as individual as a fingerprint!!

In this day and age where our state run health system is under-resourced and over burdened, it is important that we take charge of our own personal health care to help prevent health issues arising. Mainstream Medicine and Holistic Medicine work effectively side by side and Iridology is an effective tool to help guide us towards a healthy future.


Iridology can reveal :

  • Genetic Inheritance and your general Constitution.
  • Tissue strengths and weaknesses and your healing ability to resolve health problems.
  • Sites of over-activity, irritation, injury, or degeneration of tissues and organs revealing if a disease state is Acute or Chronic.
  • Imbalances in bodily systems.
  • Potential nutritional imbalances and requirements.
  • If there are toxins present in your body.
  • The possible cause of your health problems and natural methods of dealing with them.

Iridology cannot tell you :

  • The name of a specific disease or certain types of cancer.
  • What may happen in the  future, Iridology provides information about the current condition of your body tissues often before symptoms appear, so that you can make adjustments.
  • Iridology won’t reveal if surgery has been performed under anaesthesia, as nerve impulses are discontinued.
  • If you are pregnant, as this is a normal function of the female body.
  • If you have viruses, gallstones or parasites.  It can indicate if inflammation or toxic conditions are present accommodating these invaders.

Brief History

Iridology was developed over the last three centuries, primarily by European Doctors, although Iridology, at least in a simple form, was know to the ancient Egyptians and Chaldeans of Babylonia.

It is significant that all the Pioneers of Iridology were Medical Doctors, through their practices they were given the opportunity to observe the iris markings in clients in mental institutes, before and after surgery, in many serious diseases, accidents and operations.

References to the benefits of observing changes in the eye are found in Hippocrates works dating back to the 4th Century B.C.   Hungarian physician Dr Ignatz Von Peczely (1822 – 1911) is often referred to as the father of Iridology. In around 1861 he developed the first Iris charts. There have been many Physicians and Researchers who have contributed greatly to expanding the field of Iris Diagnosis since, including Dr Christopher N.D., M.H., H.Pharm., School of Natural Healing,  Dr Joseph Deck M.D.,  Dr Bernard Jensen D.C., Ph.D, being one outstanding contributor to the development and research of Iridology in the USA., Farida Sharan M.D.M.A., M.H., N.D., F.B.R.I., Toni Miller N.D., D.HM., Australia’s mosts experienced Iridology Instructor who founded The College of I.R.I.S. now known as Integrated Iridology, blending both European and Western Iridology.

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