My iridology consultation with Lisa was informative and very worthwhile.  She quickly picked up existing and past health issues that I was aware of, and warned of some susceptibilities that I was not.  I’ve long loved the concept of iridology but this is the first time I’ve seen the accuracy and skill of a great iridologist first hand. I would thoroughly recommend seeing Lisa for an iridology reading.  Her herbal and nutritional knowledge is also extensive and you feel assured that you’re in good hands when you walk away with your treatment plan.   –  Kristie  – Sydney

It was really nice to visit Lisa’s clinic and to see all the herbs growing naturally on her organic farmlet.  Lisa has a very thorough knowledge of Iridology, Herbalism and Natural Health and I was pleasantly surprised to see how my many years of healthy living was well represented in my Iris and my very good health at 82 years of age.  –   Alaria – Nelson

I received an iris reading recently which confirmed and enlarged on what I had suspected regarding my respiratory complaint, and showed the progression since an earlier reading with Lisa some 6 years ago. It also highlighted another developing weakness. Her recommended herbs and the herbal tincture plus the dietary advice helped enormously, and I have experienced a marked improvement, especially since quitting dairy products, eliminating alcohol and drinking just 1 coffee a day.  –  Paul – Haast

My Iridology reading with Lisa was very empowering – it’s helped me realise genetic traits that I’ve inherited & she helped me understand my ability to guide my own body to health.  I’ve been dealing with some health issues and this has really helped me to make sense of whats going on.  I was also impressed by the fact that she could tell that I’d been under alot of stress recently as I just finished my Degree before I travelled to New Zealand.  –   Dorothy  – Amsterdam

Anyone with chronic illness soon learns the limits of mainstream medicine so you search for answers, a path back to yourself, to wellbeing and if you’re lucky you’ll find someone like Lisa. Lisa is a healer and your better off for first knowing her.  Iridology is a tool she uses to understand how to improve your health.  She can read the signs your eyes are giving out and formulate a plan to better health.  I was surprised at the accuracy of the reading. – Karlos – Tauranga

I really enjoyed Lisa’s iridology counselling. She explained to me about my body condition and all of it totally made sense. I realised that eyes are not only for viewing things but also are mirror of our whole body, amazing.  It will be your wonderful opportunity to know about yourself more. Highly recommended.   –  Michiko – Collingwood

A couple of years ago I had bit of a weird turn. The regular doctors weren’t any help and said it was psychological.  Had an iridology reading with Lisa and later got advice from her on herbal and mineral deficiencies I was suffering from.  Turned out I had adrenal stress due to lifestyle reasons and Lisa’s herbal and mineral supplements have made a huge improvement to my energy levels and clear thought.    –  Alan – Golden Bay

Thank you Lisa, for the Reiki session. During the session I felt held within your compassion and healing energy and was able to let go of tension, move into a deeper space and allow the healing intentions to wash over and through me on what I felt was a deep cellular level.   Thankyou for your loving care and understanding.  – Jane – Golden Bay

Lisa Williams is a friendly and very skilful iridologist. She started with taking a special image of both my eyes and she explained thoroughly what my eyes revealed about my health & wellbeing. I was really impressed by the insights. Her experience as a naturopath & herbalist was helpful with the suggestions that she gave me in order to strengthen my health. And as a bonus I chose to have a reiki session which was truly amazing! I believe that it had a very positive effect on my fractured fibula and my upcoming move. I really recommend Lisa, seeing her in this time of change for me was super supportive. I received a thorough e-mail afterwards with information & advice that will guide me for a long time to come. – Sacha – Wellington

Golden Seed of Life Golden Bay Iridology

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Golden Seed of Life Golden Bay Iridology