2020 International Iridology Practitioners Symposium – by Lisa Williams – Medical Herbalist (NZAMH) Registered Iridologist (IRISNZ – IIPA)

The fascinating evolution of Iridology continues as photographic technology captures the intricate network of our bodies nerve activity through the various zones in the Iris. There is exciting new research coming to light.

I will be bringing this new information into my work to help you through my ongoing practice in the art/science of Iridology. With the evolution of humanity and these dynamic times in our worlds history it feels pertinent to understand our wholistic selves as best we can and to gain an insight into our health and wellbeing through the window that only Iridology can offer.

The 2020 summit presentations were held over 3 days and covered an interesting variety of topics, some of the features were as follows:

Colour Differentiation of Brown Iris – A presentation on the categorisation of the Brown Iris based on the varying shades of brown and its sub types which relate to the different constitutions. ShownLin Er Naturopath CCII, & Ruibo Yao Ph.D, CCI, CND

Going through the archives to understand the now – Birgit Lueders our IIPA President led us on a journey through the archives going back hundreds of years, introducing the physicians and masters of Iridology throughout the ages.

Signs of Digestive Dysfunction – Toni Miller ND, DHM, MII, CCII, F.Ir distinguished problems associated with the digestive system and absorption of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and minerals using signs in the eye. ‘We are what we eat and efficiently metabolize’.

Iridology and Nutrition – The guide to super Immunity – Dr Ellen Tart-Jensen Ph.D., D.Sc. C.C.I.I. discussed Iris signs and ways to keep all of our bodily systems healthy and resistant to modern day viruses and disease.

Pandemics and Immune Systems – Engineer & Naturopath Matthew D’haemer explored health principles and the way that Iridology can assist holistic practitioners.

Identifying potential breast issues in the iris – Toni Miller gave an additional class demonstrating how the iris can identify dispositions to a variety of breast issues. Common iris signs and some advanced understanding of interpreting the iris based on extensive clinical studies.

If you would like to explore the inner realms of your constitution and are interested in experiencing an Iridology Analysis then please contact me via:  www.goldenbayiridology.com

Yours in Health

Lisa Williams

Medical Herbalist (NZAMH), Registered Iridologist (IRISNZ – IIPA)

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