Full Moon Herbal Harvest – January 2019 By Lisa Williams – Medical Herbalist (NZAMH)

It’s been a busy time here at Te Koru harvesting our bountiful crop beneath the January Full Moon of 2019.  We have over 70 different medicinal herbs growing, cultivated, native and wild.

The full moon draws the sap high up into the leaf and aerial parts storing the active constituents. We pick and dry for my Herbal Apothecary making Herbal Tea Blends to suit clients, Tinctures, Flower Essences and Herbal Oils.

Its been an amazing year where all the plants in this rich valley floor food forest have produced exceptionally well and daily temperatures have soared up into the mid 30’s.  We have 7 1/2 acres of river flat where over 100 established fruit and nut trees grow, with all kinds of varieties from Elder Berries, pip and stone fruits to Hazel & Walnut Trees.

I love to see the herbs find their own natural growing place, establishing themselves in the perfect position to suit their needs.  The Mullein, Chamomile, Evening Primrose & Purslane have all benefitted from the summer heat and the Milk Thistle bed is beginning to flower, bulking up with the big black seeds that are used medicinally.  Everything is in prime abundance and nature is in perfect rhythmic harmony….

I’m available for Herbal / Iridology Consultations, Reflexology, Reiki and Rongoa Traditional Bush Medicine Healing.  If you would like a personalised herbal blend, herbal tea, liquid tincture, or Bach Flower Essence blend, please contact me by email:

goldenbayiridology@gmail.com or via my website:  www.goldenbayiridology.com 

Nga Mihi Nui

Lisa Williams

Registered Medical Herbalist (NZAMH) Registered Iridologist (IRISNZ – IIPA)

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