New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists

Being a Registered Member of the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists, I am part of a group of dedicated natural health professionals trained in how to use herbal medicines wisely and well.

Herbal medicines in a liquid and/or tablet form are given to take on a daily basis for at least a few weeks or longer, if needed. Every case is different, and as medical herbalists are holistic practitioners we follow the ancient principles of working with the cause of the illness wherever possible so, as well as herbs, there may be other areas that get attention within your appointment.

Herbal medicines have a tremendous history of use going back thousands of years. In that time, practitioners have taken great care to learn what works and how to use it safely. This knowledge has been passed down and a medical herbalist today has gone through extensive training in how to use herbs both safely and effectively.

Plants contain many powerful substances and will often have strong reactions within the person taking them. If you have any concerns about your treatment or questions about what you are experiencing, we encourage you to contact your medical herbalist. Our members take the safety and care of their patients seriously.

It is important that you write down the exact names and dosages of any prescription drugs you are taking when you visit your medical herbalist. Many prescription drugs do interact with herbal medicines, and practitioners are trained to know what is or isn’t safe to use in these instances.